In 2009, we launched the Open Health Initiative - focused on the human right to health - with a goal to identify innovations to transform the global problem of access to medicine. Our research identified that the North American public had limited awareness of the problem, so we supported the launch of the Access Our Medicine Initiative in 2014. Since then, over 125,000 people from 160 countries have signed a declaration calling on stakeholders to work together to find solutions. In 2016, we supported a unique public engagement process - a Citizens’ Reference Panel on Pharmacare in Canada - an unprecedented opportunity for informed and extended dialogue between experts, stakeholders, and citizens.

Our support of social innovators led us to partner with the Dispensary of Hope on a $200 million drug recovery program, and to work with Cures Within Reach and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research on a crowdsourcing platform to accelerate repurposing research on rare diseases. We are focused on finding creative ways to ensure initiatives like these are self-sustaining. In 2015, we commissioned the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing to explore the feasibility of a Social Impact Bond to accelerate drug repurposing. In 2016, we have continued to explore ways to scale drug repurposing efforts and expect to launch a new initiative in 2017.